Hyperion 4-Door Display & Storage Cabinet


A modern and minimalist cabinet with display space – our functional designs is artisan – crafted to create a contemporary style for your living space. Hand-crafted by artisans, the design is made from eco-friendly Plywood and natural veneers complemented by simple door knobs and ergonomically placed door handles.

Burma Teak
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  • Craftsman’s – built cabinets and handmade by Indian Furniture artisans, with the sustainable plywood and rich veneers.
  • Our cabinets are polish with a rich glaze of matte melamine polish.
  • Cabinet doors feature tempered glass panes, providing chic style and visibility into cabinet interior.
  • Black powder coated door handles complement and create focus on the natural veneers, adding subtle detail.
  • Natural wood may display small splits, knots and other organic features unique to each piece.
Weight 30kg
Length 36 Inch
Height 69 Inch
Width 19 Inch
Material Wood
Special Feature Anti Scratch
Weight Capacity 45kg
Color Grey Black
Seating Height 40cm

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  • Super Admin (verified owner)

    best product.. just loved it

  • Super Admin (verified owner)

    Cool Cabinet…

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